Mark Hoppus Talks Blink-182 Reunion And More On Apple Music Radio

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Mark Hoppus has spoken about the newly-announced Blink-182 reunion – among other subjects – on the latest episode of his After School Radio show on Apple Music.

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The long-awaited reunion was confirmed yesterday (October 12) and will see Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker get back together with original guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, seven years after he last performed with the band.

“We did it!” Hoppus celebrated on his radio show. “Blink-182 is back together, people. It’s happening. Yes, it’s happening. Blink-182, world tour, new music, new album. Tom’s back. Man, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. That was a burden to carry that secret for so long.”

The bassist shared an anecdote illustrating just how difficult it had been to keep the news to himself, recalling a fan coming over to him at a Dodgers game a few days earlier. “We take our picture, and he’s like, ‘I love your band. Grew up on your band,’” Hoppus said. He’s like, ‘Dude, is there any way, any way at all?’ And I’m like, ‘Any way for what?’

“And he’s like, ‘Is there any chance of a Blink-182 reunion tour with Tom back in the band at all?’ And he had such hope and desperation in his eyes, and I just wanted to put my hand on his shoulder and say, ‘My friend, just you wait. Just wait three, four more days.’”

Of the mood within the band’s camp, the musician added that all three members were “on a good page.” “We’re all stoked and lots of shows coming up,” he added. “We’re going to so many places that we’ve never been before, and I am so excited.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Hoppus and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo discussed younger generations finding older bands through TikTok, watching their kids discover icons of the ‘90s, Cuomo’s guitar setup, and more.

This Friday (October 14), Blink-182 will share the first piece of new material to feature Hoppus, Barker, and DeLonge in almost 10 years in the form of “Edging.” The new single precedes a raft of tour dates around the world, which will see the band perform in Latin America, North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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