‘Yer Favourites’ Released On Vinyl For The First Time Ever

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The Tragically Hip’s best-selling greatest hits compilation, Yer Favourites, is now available on vinyl for the first time ever. Originally released digitally and as a two CD set on November 8, 2005, Yer Favourites, for which tracks were selected by the band’s fans directly via their website, has soared past Diamond status at 14X Platinum (Diamond is 10X Platinum) and has over half a billion streams globally. The Tragically Hip is now the first Canadian band to achieve four Diamond-certified albums. Yer Favourites is the second best-selling compilation album ever in Canada* only behind The Beatles’ 1.

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As a nod to fans for their continued support and in the lead up to the band’s fast-approaching 40th anniversary in 2024, the Yer Favourites vinyl release is split into two double LP sets on 180g vinyl, Volume #1 and Volume #2, each packaged in a single sleeve in an effort to reduce packaging and make the release more affordable for fans. Yer Favourites has been entirely remastered for 2023 and now includes the original versions from Fully Completely that were not found on the CD version of Yer Favourites released in 2005. This special vinyl release is a must-have for any new or long-time listener of The Tragically Hip. Each volume also includes a 24 x 36 fold-out poster.

The Yer Favourites vinyl release is set to be followed by a deluxe edition of Phantom Power later this year. In 2024, to celebrate four decades of The Tragically Hip, the band will release a deluxe set of their breakthrough album Up to Here, a previously announced four-part Amazon documentary, and much more.

In 2021, The Tragically Hip received the Humanitarian Award Presented by Music Canada at the 50th annual JUNO Awards; and in 2022, they were inducted into Canada’s Walk Of Fame for Humanitarianism in pursuit of social and environmental justice. They had previously received a star on the Walk Of Fame in 2002 for Arts & Entertainment. For more than three decades, The Tragically Hip’s tireless activism and philanthropic pursuits have raised millions of dollars for multiple social and environmental causes, such as Camp Trillium, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Sunnybrook Foundation, WAR Child, the Special Olympics, and the Unison Benevolent Fund. A quintessential band whose music captures the essence of being Canadian, they used their enormous megaphone in 2016 to spotlight the country’s systemic mistreatment of indigenous peoples. The legacy of the band’s frontman, the late Gord Downie, continues with The Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund, which aims to build cultural understanding and create a path toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

*Tracked by Music Canada as the second best-selling compilation album ever in Canada as of April 6, 2023.

Yer Favourites Vinyl 2LP Volume #1 Track Listing:       

LP1 – Side A

  1. No Threat
  2. Grace Too
  3. Music At Work
  4. 38 Years Old
  5. Gift Shop

LP1 – Side B

  1. Ahead By Century
  2. Vaccination Scar
  3. Three Pistols
  4. So Hard Done By
  5. Fiddler’s Green

LP2 – Side A

  1. Looking For A Place To Happen
  2. Cordelia
  3. It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
  4. Blow at High Dough
  5. Wheat Kings

LP2 – Side B

  1. Fully Completely
  2. New Orleans Is Sinking
  3. Escape Is At Hand For the Travellin’ Man
  4. Fifty Mission Cap

Yer Favourites Vinyl 2LP Volume #2 Track Listing:

LP1 – Side A

  1. Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)
  2. Lake Fever
  3. Poets
  4. Fireworks
  5. Twist My Arm

LP1 – Side B

  1. Bobcaygeon
  2. Nautical Disaster
  3. Highway Girl
  4. Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park

LP2 – Side A

  1. At The Hundredth Meridian
  2. Long Time Running
  3. The Darkest One
  4. Locked In The Trunk of A Car

LP2 – Side B

  1. Little Bones
  2. Boots Or Hearts
  3. Scared
  4. Something On
  5. The New Maybe

About The Tragically Hip

Critically acclaimed for over three decades, The Tragically Hip has been at the heart of the Canadian musical zeitgeist, evoking a strong emotional connection between their music and their fans that remains unrivaled. A five-piece group of friends, including Rob Baker (guitar), Gord Downie (vocals, guitar), Johnny Fay (drums), Paul Langlois (guitar), and Gord Sinclair (bass), who grew up in Kingston, Ontario, The Tragically Hip have achieved both mass popularity with more than 10 million albums in Canada and over 1.5 million sold in the U.S, as well as peer recognition through 15 Juno Awards – picking up the distinguished Humanitarian Award in 2021 which recognizes Canadian artists or industry leaders whose humanitarian contributions have positively enhanced the social fabric of Canada and beyond. Their studio catalog includes their self-titled debut album The Tragically Hip (1987), Up To Here (1989), Road Apples (1991), Fully Completely (1992), Day For Night (1994), Trouble At The Henhouse (1996), Phantom Power (1998), Music @ Work (2000), In Violet Light (2002), In Between Evolution (2004), World Container (2006), We Are The Same (2009), Now For Plan A (2012), Man Machine Poem (2016) and Saskadelphia (2021).  A National Celebration was the final show of The Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem Tour, recorded on August 20th, 2016, at the K-Rock Centre in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario, and is their last performance as a five-piece band. Through their career, the band became a cultural touchstone in Canada. Despite their accolades and numerous recognitions, they will always be proudest of the humanitarian work they have done over the years through numerous charitable organizations and causes.

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